Chester's Double ACL Surgeries

Most people, especially teachers, are overly excited for summer vacation. While I'm looking forward to relaxing and spending time at home, this is also a very bittersweet time for the Bickel household. Our sweet boy, Chester, will be having two separate surgeries this summer, for fully blown CCLs (canine cruciate ligaments) in both hind legs. The first surgery is just 6 days away, Monday, June 6th, and this momma is a nervous wreck. He'll be staying overnight at the animal hospital, and will come home on Tuesday. From there, it's a very long road to recovery...and just when he's almost finished with it, round two will commence. We're in this for the long haul, folks. But, Chester is just shy of four years old- he still has so much life to live, and we need him to be able to run and play, and be a dog, without limping and being in pain. We love him far too much to accept anything less. These surgeries will cause a major financial hit to our family. Each surgery is approximately $5,500, for a total of about $11,000 for both. We've been working hard to pinch pennies and sell peanut butter meltaways as a fundraiser. We're also doing some summer events, book signings, yard sales, etc. to ease the burden a bit. While we still have a long way to go, every small amount helps! Several have asked about donations- we do have a PayPal fundraising account available, as well. We greatly appreciate every single amount, big and small, and it can be accessed here.

Please keep Chester in your thoughts and prayers over the upcoming weeks. I'll be sure to post updates and let you know of his progress throughout the recovery period. We're nervous about two surgeries, but excited to have him happy and healthy again!

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